Even if you’re not a BTS fan, you’ve probably heard of them at least once. This Kpop idol group is by no means a new phenomenon, but they are gaining new fans all the time. If you’re a baby Army, which is how new BTS fans call themselves, or if you’re just a tiny bit curious about the boys, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a new fan, you might be feeling overwhelmed with the eight years’ worth of BTS content out there. But as you make your way through it, you’ll find yourself slowly getting immersed into the fandom.

Who are BTS?

BTS is a South Korean group that consists of seven male members. They debuted on June 13, 2013. Their Korean name is 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Sonyeondan), which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Their fans are called ARMY, which is an acronym for “Adorable Representative M.C. For Youth. BTS originally focused on hip-hop, but they have diversified over the years to produce an expansive array of music. So whatever genre of music you’re into, you’re likely to find a BTS song that suits your taste.

The band is also on several platforms. They share one account on Twitter, @BTS_twt, where they update their fans about work and personal things. They also have their own accounts on the Weverse app, which they use to interact with fans. You can catch their live streams on their channel on VLive. Much to ARMY’s delight, all the members recently opened their Instagram accounts where they share photos and videos of their work and daily lives. The group also has a YouTube channel called Bangtan TV, where they upload dance practices, video logs, behind-the-scenes clips. BTS’ Soundcloud is where you can find the group’s pre-debut songs, solo tracks, mixtapes, and covers of their favorite artists. Their Facebook account is updated by staff and used for official announcements and photos.

Meet the BTS Members

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons


RM, whose real name is Kim Namjoon, stands as the leader of the group. He is part of the group’s rapline (or the rappers). Before he changed his stage name to RM in 2017, he went with the name Rap Monster.

Among all seven members, RM is the most fluent in English. According to the 27-year old leader, he learned English from watching Friends when he was growing up. RM is admired by fans and his co-members for his intelligence and introspection. On the rare times he doesn’t have work, he reads books, goes cycling, visits galleries and museums, and cares for his bonsai. RM is the tallest among all the BTS members.

All BTS members are involved in writing songs and producing music, but RM writes a substantial portion of the group’s song lyrics. The BTS leader has also released solo projects on the side, including his two mixtapes RM and Mono, the song “Bicycle”, and collaborations with other artists.



Jin, 29, is the eldest of the group and is part of the vocal line (singers). He took up an acting degree in College but was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ agency, off the streets.

Jin’s full name is Kim Seokjin, but he is also known as “Worldwide Handsome”. After he went viral several times for his good looks, some fans called him the most handsome guy in the world. But Jin politely disagreed and said that he is not the most handsome guy in the world, but he is worldwide handsome. He is one of the visuals of the group.

The eldest BTS member is loved for his cheerfulness and goofy sense of humor. He often breaks the ice with his dad jokes. He sometimes does an “eating broadcast” (mukbang) using the name Eat Jin. During his spare time, he does a lot of gaming and fishing.

He has also released quite a number of solo songs including “Epiphany”, and “Moon”, and “Super Tuna”, which was released on his birthday.



Suga, whose real name is Min Yoongi, is a part of the rapline of BTS. He’s 27 and quite introverted but is known for being straightforward and having a dry sense of humor.

Many BTS fans adore Suga for his strong emotional intelligence which shows when he gives realistic advice to the other BTS members, as well as fans.

Suga plays the piano and is fond of basketball. In fact, his stage name Suga is derived from the word “shooting guard”, the basketball position he played in high school. In November 2020, Suga underwent shoulder surgery. He returned to the group after two months of recovery.

Suga’s other stage name is Agust D, which he uses when he’s not releasing music with BTS. According to the BTS member, Agust D represents his raw side.

Suga has released solo songs for BTS, including “Trivia 轉: Seesaw”, and “Interlude: Shadow”, and two solo mixtapes under the name Agust D. He has made history in the Mnet Asian Music Awards by being the first artist to win ‘Best Collaboration’ multiple times.


J-Hope, whose real name is Jung Hoseok, is one of the main dancers of the group and is also part of the rapline. He has a background in street dance.

J-Hope is often fondly referred to as “sunshine” by fans because of his bubbly personality, and the other members credit him for being a source of energy.

The 27-year-old BTS member is very passionate about fashion, and the way he dresses up reflects his bright personality.

J-Hope “Hope On The Street” dance video series showcases his superb dancing skills, which he sometimes records with other members as guests.

Some of J-Hope’s solo songs for BTS are “Mama” and “Trivia 起: Just Dance”. He also released the mixtape Hope World and the solo single “Chicken Noodle Soup”, featuring  Becky G.


PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Jimin, 26, is one of the group’s main vocalists and primary dancers. He studied contemporary dance at the Busan High School of Arts before he became a BTS member.

Jimin, whose full name is Park Jimin, is an extrovert who enjoys hanging out with his friends. Many fans know him to be affectionate and caring, always the first one to offer comfort to the other members who are upset. But despite being sweet and lovable, he can also be sassy. Jimin used to be the shortest member of BTS, but he is now as tall as Suga.

Jimin’s solo BTS songs are “Lie”, “Serendipity”, and “Filter”. As a solo artist, he released “Promise” and “Christmas Love”.


V, 25, is part of BTS’ vocal and visual line. His real name, Kim Taehyung, was given by his grandfather. According to V, his stage name stands for victory. V is known for being friendly and outgoing, and for his unique and out-of-the-box ideas.

V loves visual arts and has recently taken painting lessons. He goes by the name Vante in the art world.

He has also starred in the k-drama Hwarang, alongside the famous Kdrama actor Park Seo Joon and Park Hyungsik, with whom he remains good friends to date. The three, along with actor Choi Wooshik and musician Peakboy, make up the famous Wooga Squad friendship group.

V is part of BTS’s visual line. In fact, several magazines and media outlets hailed him as the most handsome man in the world in 2021.

V has released several solo songs with BTS, including “Singularity” and “Inner Child”. As a soloist, he has also released  “Scenery” and “Winter Bear”, to name a few.


JK, 24, is the maknae (youngest member) of BTS. His full name is Jeon Jungkook, and he hails from Busan. He’s a perfectionist who’s good at everything he does, which earned him the nickname “Golden Maknae”.

He loves working out, playing physical sports, and adrenaline-fueled activities. During one of the travel shows filmed in New Zealand, he did an upside-down bungee jump at Nevis Highwire. He boxes during his spare time and occasionally does artwork, which he’s very good at. Despite being bold and fearless, JK is known to have a soft spot for his BTS hyungs (older brothers). He once said that he never had difficulties growing up, but whenever he sees the other members going through tough times, he feels really upset too.

JK also loves filming and editing videos of his travels and releases them under the name G.C.F. (an acronym for Golden Closet Film).

JK is the group’s main vocalist, one of the main dancers, and also a visual. He is also the center of the group, which means you can always find him in the middle during BTS’ performances.

He often makes his own covers of his favorite artists. His most recent cover is Harry Styles’ song called Falling. JK’s solo songs with BTS are “Euphoria”, “My Time”, and “Begin”. In 2020 amidst the pandemic, he released his solo song “Still With You”.

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