Spring is all about rejuvenation and renewal. After the cold and dreary weather of the winter months, we have this urge to prettify our homes and prepare them for the sunlight and energy that comes with the new season.

If you’re looking to update your home, but you’re not ready to make drastic changes, here are 16 easy ways your home can embrace the spring season inside and out.

Have Fun with Bright Colors

Spring signals the time of rebirth and rejuvenation in the outdoors, so try to reflect that in your interiors. Dark colors surely feel right in the winter, but spring is the time to exchange them into bold pastels or neons. If you’re up for something more daring, swap out some of your old dining room chairs for ones with brighter colors.

Decorate with Fresh Flowers

An easy and pretty way to update any room is by adding a bouquet of fresh flowers. There are a lot of flowers you can get from your grocery store, from bunches of daffodils and tulips to sprigs of eucalyptus and hyacinths. Decorating with fresh flowers can be done in every room in your house. You can place them between centerpieces and nightstand-friendly bud vases.

Use Lighter Fabrics

It’s time to replace your heavy faux fur throws and cable knit blankets with cotton, linen, or other lighter fabrics. Crisp neutrals can make a room look bigger and brighter. By layering whites and pale pinks, you can add a pop of color to your space while keeping it neutral.

Add Greenery

It’s pretty hard to keep plants alive when the air turns crisp, and the daylight fades away. The new season is the perfect time to get new plants that will replace those that withered due to the frost from the cold winter months. But before buying a new one, make sure to get the right plant that will thrive under the lighting conditions in your home to make sure they survive until next spring.

Paint a Room

If you have time to spare, consider repainting your room for a quick and easy makeover. If you don’t fancy bright colors, you can try painting your room with green. Green represents rejuvenation and rebirth and is an excellent choice for welcoming in a new season.

Replace Throw Pillows

Do you want an easy and quick upgrade that you can make in just a few hours? Then try swapping out all your throw pillows and blankets at home for a quick refresh that doesn’t require any effort at all. You may go for soft pink throw pillows or try something a little more traditional, for as long as you swap out your textiles, your room will look and feel brand new.

Trade Your Candles

Trade Your Candles
If your home is still decked with gingerbread and pumpkin-scented candles from the holidays, it’s time to swap those candles out for something a little more suited to spring, like floral or citrus-scented candles. These scents will surely liven up any room in your house.

Use Baskets to Minimize Clutter

As you do your spring cleaning, make sure to add a basket or two to reduce clutter and change up your home’s look. Using a lovely woven basket is a chic and stylish way to store all your clutter from throw blankets to dog toys to stuffed animals.

Update Your Patio Decor

If your budget doesn’t allow a total patio renovation, you can replace your chair or side table with something new and fresh to give the impression of an outdoor makeover. Just a simple, bright throw pillow and fun side tables are excellent for welcoming in warmer weather.

Replace Some of Your Art

Since updating your entire gallery wall is a bit impractical, opt to exchange a few pieces of art throughout your home to make your rooms appear fresh and updated.

Add New Tableware

Another effortless way to make some change in your home come spring is by sprucing up your kitchen. Have a set of lighter dishes and cups in storage to rotate when the seasons change. An all-white set looks clean and classic, but bright, colorful plates and bowls will also go well with the warmer weather.

Get New Curtains

Changing your shower curtain is a simple but effective way of creating the impression that your home underwent a total renovation. Replace your heavy winter draperies with curtains in light and colorful shades to complete your home’s spring decor.

Change Up Your Hardware

Spring is the time to enjoy light and fun furniture. Replace your upholstered or dark wood bench for the spring colored seagrass or wicker chairs. Balconies, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms will look fresher with some garden-inspired furniture. You could also spruce things further with some vintage watering cans that bring out the spirit of spring and summer. Swap your knobs and pull-outs for something a little more modern to update your home’s entire look. Mix and matching the hardware can also help you achieve a more personalized feel.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Upgrade Your Lighting

Swapping out your lampshades is the most affordable yet most effective home decor idea to update your home for spring. Change the lampshades on your chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps and replace them with something a little more modern.

Choose something fun and brightly colored that goes well with your interiors. Changing the lampshade can also be something as simple as adding some ribbon around the top and bottom of the lampshade, or if you have the budget, ask a vendor to customize one for your home.

Showcase Your Prints

If you can’t go on a real spring vacation, you can always imagine you’re sitting on the beach every day this season by printing and displaying some of your most memorable travel photos.

Try a New Doormat

Swap out your wintery doormat for a happy, modern one that will make you smile each time you come home this spring. Placing a new spring wreath or a potted plant on your porch is also a simple way to remind yourself each time you arrive home that the season

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