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At, we value your privacy very highly:

  1. We will never sell your email address or any other of your personal information to third-parties. That stinks and is an abominable practice.
  2. When you order, we don’t even store your credit card information once your payment has been authorized.
  3. We will occasionally send you renewal notices so that you can come back and get the same great price. This is just a gentle reminder.
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You can trust us. We despise people who use your personal information gathered through commerce for personal profit. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email. Thanks!


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Dear Valued Customers

National Publishers Service operating as Discount Press, would like to thank you for your support. We've enjoyed serving you over the years by providing you with subscription services for amazing magazines in many areas of interest. National Publishers Service was founded in 1981 by President and Owner Mr. William Figilis, adopting his Mcgraw-Hill Business Week innovative subscription program. 

After 42 years, Jake, our news boy, William Figilis, and our customer service manager Sindia Rivera have decided to retire our operation to enjoy our lives more fully. During the Covid pandemic, many of our customers sought other ways to subscribe to magazines and enjoy their lives in a myriad of new ways with online digital subscriptions, social media, and Zoom meetings.

We will continue to fill subscriptions through Jan 31st, 2023, for existing customers. After Feb 1st, 2023, any customers or online orders should be directed to individual magazines.

A list of customer service phone numbers for individual magazines can be found by clicking the link below or contacting [email protected]