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Jake’s Story

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DiscountPress. Here’s my story… 

Long ago in a far-off land, Jake, our hard-working online newsboy, opened his first newsstand in a subway station in the Bronx. Commuters in the subway loved the way Jake dressed with his cute little cap and crumpled tie. They also liked the way he greeted people with a smile and a friendly “Extra, Extra! I’ve got a deal on all magazines.” Jake would always go out of his way to find what people were looking for, which made him a favorite for many. 

Everything changes. When Jake was bought out by the city fathers in New York, he decided to move his operation to the World Wide Web and teamed up with the good folks at DiscountPress

Well, Jake has moved to New York and guess what? He is going stronger than ever. And with the Internet, Jake works 24/7 and couldn’t be happier. 

Our customers love him! In fact , if you would like to see what Jake’s fans say, click here. Jake is still giving customers the same great service he gave to his regulars in the Bronx, and if you ask him, Jake will find just about any publication you are looking for. If Jake can’t find it, he’ll be sure to tell you one of his old (and corny) one-liners.


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