There are billions of women on Earth who do not vote on sexual issues as a unified bloc. Each lady is looking for something somewhat different. 

The handsome, muscular dreamboat one woman is smitten about is unpleasant and unappealing to her friend. The gorgeous, brooding musician who drives one woman insane appears weak and miserable to the one sitting next to her. Coworkers, best friends, and even twin sisters will have strong opinions on what is appealing in a man, what is uninteresting, and what is downright horrible.

If you’re having trouble finding someone to go on a first date with, it may not be encouraging to learn that women’s tastes are as diverse as they are. Because if that were the case, why haven’t you met any of the ladies interested in you yet?

This is where it gets confusing: While any guy can be handsome, that doesn’t guarantee every guy is.

That is to say, you are not really, inevitably flawed because you haven’t been feeling like a Romeo recently. It’s simply that you’re not quite your most alluring self yet. 

Want to lead a good romantic and sexual life as a man? It’s not out of your reach. It merely entails working hard. Here are seven strategies every guy may master to make himself alluring to women.

Set a Style Goal

Many guys waste unnecessary time thinking about their looks when they should be worried about them. Not your muscle tone, bone structure, or the areas of your body where your weight rests, but rather the vibe you project as a whole.

Do you know how to style yourself for your body type? How does your hair look? Do you have a full beard or a creepy mustache? To some extent, this is a financial issue, but it is also a matter of effort. You can compensate for practically any physical flaw by presenting yourself as a man who works on making himself visually appealing.

When a woman introduces a guy to her family during the holidays, no one will notice his facial features. Instead, they’ll see whether he shaved, a stain on his shirt, how his slacks didn’t fit, and his worn-out footwear. The details over which you have control are far more important than the ones over which you have no control. Women will notice once you’ve polished your appearance.

Own the Place You Live In

Whether it’s a grandiose home or a pull-out couch in your parent’s basement, where you sleep at night can affect your attractiveness. 

Anyone you invite into your home will perceive the surroundings as a reflection of yourself. It’s important to note that your place is not a small detail. In its most basic form, it can reflect financial problems that are out of your control, but how have you dealt with them?

How well you maintain, decorate, and make it seem like home can significantly impact how appealing you are to women. That includes bed frames, wall art, vacuuming, changing your bedding, and not allowing piles of filthy dishes to accumulate for days on end. For many women, having a man’s place that he is proud of is a major turn-on.

Set Goals

We are all born into various situations, and tragedy strikes regardless of our emotions. That suggests you might not be where you want to be in life right now. There’s a strong chance you’re not a CEO, a celebrity, or a candidate for early retirement for several reasons.

If you’ve paid attention to anything stated about women over the years, you’ve probably heard that, on average, women aren’t crazy about poverty and failure. Still, that doesn’t mean that guys who don’t have a long list of impressive professional successes are doomed to be alone. Motivation is more appealing than success.

If we’re talking about physical attractiveness, having a goal is hot. Being able to respond to the question, “What do you do?” is overrated. What counts more is being able to answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” regardless of whether you want to establish a business, pursue your artistic interests, get a puppy, or just better yourself.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Many guys struggle to develop authentic communication skills with women. Because they frequently focus their interactions with other men during their formative years, many guys don’t advance past schoolyard bullying when talking to women. They are skilled at showing a lady attention that frequently has sexual overtones but misinterprets it as a genuine connection.

The issue? Guys aren’t built for effective communication in general, much less with someone whose communication style is entirely different from their own. You may not have much experience with effective communication, but learning how to do it will change how women perceive you. Effective communication includes opening up about your feelings, listening, and compromising during disagreements.

The days of the hot bad boy are gone. If you can spot the sexy attentive listener in action, your ability to give her the proper attention will put you miles ahead of the competition.

Learn How to Value Yourself

In the twenty-first century, it’s time to acknowledge that asking for support to be your real self is just as beneficial to your overall health as exercising, eating right, and visiting the doctor.

Growing up, boys, in particular, are frequently encouraged to suppress their emotions, resulting in males who are horrible at processing their emotions. Almost every man could enhance his ability to deal with emotions such as loss, sadness, jealousy, discomfort, rage, irritation, and so on. Meeting a guy who’s made (or is making) any progress in that area is a true turn-on for a remarkable number of women in today’s dating scene.

The cliché “no one else will love you until you love yourself” may not be entirely correct, and it may sound a little corny, but there is some truth to it. Putting in the effort to become a better version of yourself will significantly affect your attractiveness to others.

When you connect with women without being hesitant, apprehensive, or as if you have anything to prove, you will put them at rest. That’s when they’ll notice your other qualities: your stylish appearance, future goals, and communication skills. They’ll want to visit your place again to get a feel for it, and they’ll probably consider taking things further along.


Ultimately, being attractive to women comes down not to your height or hair color but to having self-respect, good communication skills, and motivation. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for these qualities; everybody will approach them differently. Just remember that if you have those characteristics in spades, you’ll always find somebody interested in taking things further with you.

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