Dating can be a real challenge for a lot of men. There are so many things that you need to think about: how to set the date, how to make a good impression, and how to make sure that the girl you like doesn’t get bored of you. It’s important to find the right balance of playful and serious, or you’ll lose her attention. 

Furthermore, a girl is typically trained to be cautious in her interactions with men as she grows up in a world that is becoming increasingly perilous. She must first feel safe and confident with you if you wish to enter her world.

Below are ten ways to win the trust of a girl you are dating.

Offer a date but don’t put any pressure on it

Ask a girl you recently met whether you can take her out on a date if you want to get to know her better. Once you’ve taken the first step, though, stop and give her some time to reflect. Calling or emailing the girl repeatedly may make you appear desperate and less likely to get a date, but it may also cause her to become suspicious of your intentions and back off.

Let her decide on the place

One of the most common security suggestions for girls dating a guy for the first time is to meet in public. When a girl agrees to meet you out, propose a decent coffee shop in a public spot. Better yet, ask her where she wants to go on the date. Not only will it make her feel at ease, but she will also be flattered to know that her preferences are important to you.

Take baby steps

Take things gradually, and you can also gain the trust of a girl you have just started dating. Why not meet for pizza or ice cream at your favorite hangout first instead of taking her out for a full evening of dining and dancing? The girl will have just enough time to decide whether she wants to meet you again if the date is brief and informal. And if you want her to want to trust you in the long run, you need to give her this space.

Pay attention to your feelings

Women are more likely to trust a man who is authentic in his feelings and does not make an effort to conceal them. Let’s say you and your boss had a disagreement, and you’re upset about it.

She will recognize you for the true person you are and value your honesty if you can openly express your emotions to her rather than holding in your rage and picking on the driver in front of you. Furthermore, she will be encouraged to express her feelings for you and thus get closer to you as a result.

Show your support

Identifying a common ground with your girlfriend is one of the most efficient strategies to create trust. For instance, if you’re both out dancing and her high heels appear to be bothering her, mention how your own new shoes are hurting you and how you wish you’d broken them sooner.

For starters, you’ll get a nice laugh out of this, but more significantly, your girlfriend will find your lack of vanity refreshing, leading her to trust you more. Finally, take advantage of the opportunity to go outside for some fresh air and get to better acquainted with one another.

Body language

You can also gain your girlfriend’s trust through appropriate body language. Maintain eye contact when conversing with each other since a shifting glance shows insincerity or evasion. Maintain a comfortable but wise body posture while keeping your hands firmly on the table or your knees.

Small gestures, such as a gentle touch on her back or arm, will reassure her that you are around to protect and care for her. While most women nowadays can take care of themselves, the fact that you’ll be there in case she needs you says a lot about your trustworthiness.

Consider others

While there are numerous ways to gain your girlfriend’s trust, be mindful of how you treat others in her company. If she witnesses you lying to a coworker about your whereabouts or tricking a waitress of her change, she is likely to believe that you will be a jerk to her eventually as well. This is because wise ladies understand that how a person handles people in less favorable positions is an unmistakable reflection of their personality.

 Say sorry right away

It is in everyone’s nature to make mistakes, and you are bound to have done so in a relationship at some point. Therefore, apologize politely as soon as you meet her if you arrived for a date an hour late and failed to call your girlfriend as well. Don’t give reasons like your cell phone was out of range or the traffic was awful.

Worse, don’t list all the times she has been late. This is the opportunity to express your genuine regret. If she sees that you are honest in your apology, she may not only decide to trust you but also enjoy the fact that you are not egotistical in your apologies.

Be accountable

This does not suggest that you must explain everything you do in the relationship to your partner. Simply put, you should allow her to witness how you control your own life and emotions and rely on your resources to move forward. She will put her trust in you and even turn to you for support when things become challenging in her own life once she realizes that you are an adult who can handle his own difficulties without seeking someone to blame.

Lastly, remember her mother’s birthday

As silly as this may sound, it actually suggests that you remember the simple things that make other people happy. She will undoubtedly feel secure knowing that she made the right choice in selecting someone who will be considerate, compassionate, and committed to making her happy.


Remember trust isn’t built overnight. Take every day as a new opportunity to earn more of it, and you’ll slowly start to see that your effort is paying off. It won’t be long before you are rewarded with the girl’s trust and in turn, her love.

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