5 Cruise Tips for the First-Timer

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If you’re taking the cruise for the first time and you’re looking for tips to make your journey a great experience, we’ve got you covered. But whether it’s your first or your 10th time to cruise, there are always new tips to learn to make your cruise trips even better than the last. Below, we’re giving you the best tips that will provide you with the cruise of a lifetime.

1. What to Wear

The most important thing you should know when you go on a cruise is what you should wear. If you’re embarking on a Caribbean cruise, it’s a no-brainer what clothes you should bring. But there are other things you should keep in mind other than the obvious. No matter where your destination is, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Always bring a hoodie or a light jacket in case of cold and rainy weather.
  • Bring slip-resistant flip-flops that you can wear to get safely around the ship.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for shore excursions, and reserve your high heels and fancy footwear for the stateroom.
  • Do not forget to bring your sunglasses or hat and wear them whenever you are out in the sun.

2. The Best Stateroom

All staterooms are unique in their ways, but if you are a first-timer, it’s best to know which one suits your needs. Here’s a brief description of the five types of staterooms:

  • Balcony staterooms have small outdoor balconies that are perfect for enjoying the refreshing sea breeze and the uninterrupted view of the ocean. Book these rooms when cruising to Alaska so you won’t miss out on any unexpected wildlife sightings!
  • Interior staterooms are the most affordable you can stay in when on a cruise ship. These rooms are best for people who love a long, good rest after a whole day of fun.
  • Ocean-view staterooms have portholes or windows where you can gaze out at the cerulean hues of the sky and the ocean.
  • Suite staterooms are designed for families who love to relax together.
  • Specialty staterooms are available in select ships. These rooms have themed settings that cater to couples, families, and kids.

3. Useful Things to Pack

Your camera is probably the first thing that you will remember when packing for a cruise. You can rely on DSLRs to give you high-quality photos, but if you are not a professional photographer, we recommend that you take a compact mirrorless camera or stick to your phone. This way, you can still enjoy your cruise without having to bring a bulky camera every time. Here are other things you can pack to ensure a stress-free cruise:

  • Outlet adapters can expand the number of plugs in your cabin. Pack at least two so you can recharge your iPhone, laptop, and camera without hassle. Make sure your outlet adapter does not have a surge protector because these aren’t allowed on most cruise ships.
  • Dry bags keep your valuables safe whenever you head out in the water, so don’t forget to bring one during shore excursions.
  • Lanyards are useful for putting your room keys in an easy-to-find spot.
  • Biodegradable sunscreens can protect your skin from UV rays without harming coral reefs.
Useful Things to Pack

4. Know the Language

Before stepping on your ship, it helps to know a few terms so you can be more comfortable during the cruise. Remember these terms when you embark on your first cruise, so you don’t feel too out of place during the trip:

  • Cruise casual means tasteful attire, which you can wear during dinner time. Men are allowed to wear slacks, khakis, jeans, long dress shorts, and collared sports shirts. Women can wear casual dresses, skirts, summer dresses, blouses, pants, dressy shorts, and dress jeans. Cut-off jeans are not allowed in cruise ships.
  • Cruise elegant refers to evening wear, which you are required to wear during one or two dinner nights in the ships’ main dining room. It includes dress shirts, dress trousers, and a sports coat for men. For ladies, it means pantsuits, cocktail dresses, and elegant skirts and blouses.
  • Open seating means there are no fixed schedule and seating arrangement for passengers in the main dining room.
  • Lido deck is where you can find the ship’s outdoor pools.

5. Get Familiar with Your Ship

Not everyone who goes on a cruise knows that you can download the deck plans of your ship and do a virtual tour of it. Print out the deck plans before your cruise, so you become familiar with its layout. You can also get a copy of your ships’ map at the guest services during embarkation.

If you’re unsure about some things during your cruise, the crew members and stateroom stewards can help you! Don’t hesitate to ask them as they love to use their knowledge to guide guests like you.

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