And just like that, 2019 is closing off, and everyone’s thinking about how they want their new year to look like. But if you’re among those whose love life didn’t turn out as planned in 2019, you might be having panic thoughts and feeling pressured thinking about how you’re going to face another year alone.

The thought can leave you feeling unsatisfied and unexcited, but you have to remember that that’s not what the New Year is all about. The New Year is, and always should be, a chance for renewal, rebirth, and exciting new beginnings. And often, those endeavors begin with making the ultimate New Year’s resolutions list.

So, if you want to take a step forward in 2020, spend time to empty your heart and soul of all the negative energies from your past relationships and all the unpleasant things you experienced as a single woman. When thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, don’t dwell on the things that went wrong. Instead, focus on the lessons that you’ve learned.

Make it your goal to start the new year with a fresh and positive outlook coupled with an open heart to welcome all the things that 2020 has to offer. Here’s a list to help you get started with your New Year’s resolutions:

Keep Believing in Love

As cliché as it may sound, believing that love is out there and that you are worthy of experiencing it is an essential factor to help you move forward and enjoy what life has yet to offer. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many times your heart got broken; you just have to believe that there is someone out there for you who can make you feel that magical feeling again, and you will find it. It will give you the hope that you need so you can endure whatever difficulties come your way.

Take Care of Your Heart

If you feel like you’re always falling in love with men who treat you poorly, stop tolerating it or making excuses for their behavior. Walk away and guard your heart against those who hurt you while forcing you to believe that it’s your fault for being treated poorly. Your heart is precious and is something to be cherished, so take good care of it for the person who truly deserves it.

Take Care of Your Heart

Learn to Love Yourself First

You cannot give what you do not have, so the saying goes, and it can’t be any more accurate. If you’re not taking care of yourself and not giving yourself the attention and love it needs, you won’t be able to find or create a healthy, loving relationship. Do you ever wonder why flight attendants always tell you to put on your oxygen first before you tend to someone? Well, it’s the same principle

Don’t Allow Others to Be Too Dependent on You

If you’re looking to be in a healthy relationship, stop being your partner’s caretaker. Don’t mother capable adults who only want to take advantage of you and don’t genuinely care about you and what you feel. Don’t waste your time and energy caring for the wrong person. Instead, use it to make yourself a better person as a way of preparing for the real love that you are about to experience.

Don’t Take Criticisms Personally

Don’t take everything to heart, especially other people’s judgments and criticisms. Weigh their opinions and ask yourself if their words matter. Are they saying sensible things? Is there something you need to work on? Your time is too precious to be spent worrying about other people’s opinions about you. What matters is you’re happy with yourself, and you’re not harming anyone.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Perfection is almost next to impossible, so don’t expect or demand it from other people, especially from the person you are dating. If someone or something disappoints you, keep in mind that no one can do everything correctly. Likewise, don’t expect perfection from yourself because it will only lead to frustration.

Be Receptive to Love

Most people have a list of the qualities they’re looking for in a partner but don’t allow your standards to decide your fate. Don’t reject someone simply because they don’t match with what you think is ideal because you might miss out on something better than what you asked for.

Set Boundaries

We sometimes tend to do everything ourselves, even if it means beating ourselves to work 24/7. If we try to do it all for the people we love, it could leave us feeling drained, worn out, and eventually unhappy. If you set boundaries in your life, you will be able to create a healthy relationship that you will genuinely enjoy. Learn to say no so you can give your best to the things you say yes to.

Give Yourself Time

Give Yourself Time
Though you may feel like time is running out, rushing to get into a relationship will only lead to more severe problems later on. Don’t try to rush love because you will only feel tired and anxious. Enjoy the path to love and be surprised by the things you will experience along the way.

Let Your Heart Lead You

If you’re the type of person who always tries to weigh the pros and cons of dating someone, then try to let your heart decide this time. Sure, we need to plan out our future carefully, but sometimes when dating, all you have to do is to carefully follow your heart so you can be where you want to be in the new year and always.

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