If you’re a dad, the outside of your house is probably one of your least favorite things to keep up with. You have a million things to do, and you don’t want to waste time on the little things like lawn care or landscaping. That’s why we’ve put together these ten easy DIY curb appeal ideas that you can do on a weekend to make your home look better than ever.

Painting Projects

One of the simplest and most cost-effective DIY projects you can complete is painting, which only requires a small amount to have a significant impact. It could be something as simple as refinishing your front door.

It’s frequently a focal point, and choosing the right color for it can even increase the value of your home. You might also want to think about painting your home’s trim. For that project, you’ll need to decide on exterior trim paint. Preparing the trim for painting requires some work, but it’s not particularly challenging.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can also paint your home’s exterior completely. Despite being a large task, it can be very rewarding. Just keep in mind to prepare your home for painting properly and do some research before deciding on a color. High-quality paint is only a few dollars more expensive per gallon, but it is a wise investment. It will last longer than the less expensive stuff, cover better, and apply smoothly.

Some general guidelines include painting a small house white to make it appear larger. Paint all of your home’s exterior surfaces the same color to help the structure look more cohesive if it has a variety of architectural styles, sagging soffits, or other flaws. Some paint manufacturers offer software that lets you experiment with various paint color schemes on a digital representation of your home or a home that’s similar to it in style.

Change the House Numbers

An updated house number shines and adds polish to a property. Use brass, aluminum, or stainless steel numbers to replace worn-out or outdated ones. The finish should match the door hardware and light fixture for the best visual effect. Choose personalized plaques or individual numbers. DIY address plaque kits are available at home centers, hardware stores, and online retailers.

Modernize Your Mailbox

A new mailbox can boost curb appeal, whether it is attached to the house, has a letter slot by the door, or is freestanding on a post near the street. Purchase a mailbox that is approved and adheres to height restrictions.

It is required to mount curbside mailboxes so that their bottoms are 42–48 inches off the ground. In addition, bear in mind that while hanging plants and flowers next to a mailbox may improve its curb appeal, the bees and other stinging insects that these plants draw aren’t always your mail carrier’s best friends.

Set Bricks or Pavers Along a Walkway

Does your concrete walkway look dull? Lining an existing walkway with pavers to add color, texture, and width is much easier and less expensive than replacing it.

Pavers made of concrete, stone, or clay are all suitable options. Digging a trench along the walkway that is one paver wide, leveling in a bed of sand or gravel, and then setting and tamping pavers so they are flush with the top of the walkway are some of your options. Another quick and inexpensive alternative is to build a simple garden path using gravel, mulch, or other materials.

Change a Lighting Fixture

When choosing a fixture, take into account both function and aesthetics. It should light up your door, house numbers, and steps without being harsh. Get a fixture with the same mounting setup or screw spacing as the current fixture to make the project easier.

Before installing the new fixture, make sure the power is off and that it is approved for outdoor use. Some sconce-style lights come with discrete, built-in motion detectors.

Grow a Tree

Plant a young tree today, and your investment in your property’s curb appeal will soon add value. Consider the size of the tree’s root system before planting, and pick a species that is appropriate for your region.

For a list of the ideal trees in your area, contact your local extension service. As always, call the right people before you start digging so that they can come out and mark any underground utility lines. Shade trees are particularly useful in the backyard.

Install Low-Voltage Lighting

Low-voltage lighting can significantly improve the nighttime curb appeal of your home. Additionally, lighting walkways and dark corners can increase safety and security. Lighting is classified into three types: downlights, uplights, and specialty lights. Consider buying a transformer with a timer or light sensor so that the lights will turn on and off automatically as needed.

Install Shutters

A house can benefit from the color, quaintness, and depth that decorative shutters can bring (as do window boxes). Traditional-looking shutters have louvers or raised panels, whereas cottage- or country-style shutters have decorative cutouts.

Install wood shutters with specialized shutter hinges for an authentic appearance, and use vintage shutter dogs to keep them pinned against the house. Vinyl shutters can be “invisibly” mounted using shutter clips. Some shutters can even be useful during bad weather.

Replace the Storm Door

Storm door replacement and adjustment are both simple processes. Even if your primary door remains unchanged, a storm door can serve as an excellent cover-up, adding security and increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

The best self-storage options have glass and screen panels that can be moved around on tracks to accommodate different seasons. Storm panels and screens that can be swapped out provide a cleaner, uninterrupted appearance, but they also need a secure place to store the unused panel. 

Set Up Flower Boxes

The addition of flowers to window boxes is one of the best ways to beautify a home. Build a window box yourself or purchase one from a garden supply store. These are most effective when mounted beneath double-hung, slide-by, or stationary windows. The flowers will be decapitated by the casement and other swing-out window sashes.

For the planter to last longer and fall cleanup to be easier, use a plastic liner. Place container gardens in pots and planters along the walkway or on the front stoop for even more convenience. 


Taking the time to improve your home’s curb appeal can have a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetics of your neighborhood and home. You’ll find that small changes can often have a significant impact on everyone in your neighborhood, and it can be a great way to redesign your outdoor space.

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